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Founded in 1952 as company for export and import of cereals, Granexport has maintained the reputation of reliable foreign trade partner of the most renowned European and worldwide cereal trade companies.

For years, Granexport is considered one of the leading maize exporters in the region.

Good market results are attained thanks to carefully built market position on Serbian market, established cooperation with the maize production and trading companies and with the large number of individual farmers.

Purchase and buying at actual market prices, timely payment of purchased goods and the employees’ attitude, allow Granexport to attain significant amount of maize every year and to place it on foreign market.

Although maize represents the basis of Granexport’s transactions, great attention is also devoted to other cereals trading, primarily wheat and barley, and to components for animal feed production (especially soybean and sunflower meal).

All organizations interested in maintaining long term cooperation, can recognise reliable business partner in Granexport that will provide them with quality intermediates and secure placement of their products.

Admission and delivery of goods is done through the cereals silo of 50,000 tons capacity.

In 2010 the Silo was equipped with automatic electric scale which fulfils all metrological conditions prescribed by the Regulations and for which the Directorate of Metrology and Precious Metals had issued the Certificate of certification criteria.  

At the disposal of the silo, there is an infrastructure for admission and delivery of goods by road, railroad, river or sea transport.

150 m of the river bank are organized and the gauge allows admission of barges, river and sea ships with the carrying capacity of 3500 tons. Installed BUHLER equipment enables admission and delivery of 2500 tons of goods per day, by every transport mean (road, railroad, river and sea), which makes 7500 tons of total handling capacity per day. The capacity of the dryer is 1600 tons per day.

Installed capacities and experience of employees make possible for Granexport to offer high service level of cereals storage and reloading.

Reloading capacities become even more important when one bears in mind that Granexport is located on Corridor X for road and railroad traffic and on pan-European Corridor VII for river sail, which links the North and the Black Sea together.

If you wish your goods to travel these roads too, the gates of Granexport are wide open for you.

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