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The quality of maize placed on the market and used as raw material for production in the mill industry must comply with the provisions of the following regulations:

- Law on Food Safety (Official Gazette of RS No. 17/2019)

- Law on Genetically Modified Organisms (Official Gazette of RS No. 41/2009)

- Rulebook on the quality of grain, mill and bakery products and pasta (Official Gazette of RS No. 68/2016 and 56/2018)

- Rulebook on maximum concentrations of certain contaminants in food (Official Gazette of RS No. 81/2019 and 26/2020)

- Ordinance on the maximum permitted quantities of plant protection products in food and feed (Official Gazette of RS No. 132/2020)

- Rulebook on general and special conditions of food hygiene at any stage of production, processing and trade (Official Gazette of RS No. 72/2010 and 62/2018)

- Standard SRPS EN ISO 24333 - Cereals and cereal products - Sampling

- Standard SRPS EN 16378 Cereals - Determination of impurity content in maize (Zea mays L.) and millet (Sorghum bicolor L.)

- ISO 6540 standard - Determination of moisture in maize

The maize that is placed on the market must be mature, healthy, inherent in appearance, smell and taste, without signs of mold, free from cereal diseases and pests at a developmental or higher developmental stage.

The optimal water content in maize grain during storage is 14.5%. Maize with a higher water content is brought to this level by drying.

Starting from the quality conditions established by the Standard, with an examination of the current terms of the offer as well as the customer's quality requirements, Granexport DOO shall determine and publish the conditions for the reception and purchase of maize in its silo.

In the event of a change in the conditions for the reception and purchase of maize, Granexport timely informs suppliers about the changes.

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