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Maize flour mill products

Kukuruzno mlinski proizvodi

The production has always been organized according to the strict legal regulation, and the acquired production practise is coordinated with the demands of ISO 9001:2008 standard and HACCP system.

Numerous fair recognitions and positive evaluations made by Consumers’ Associations are proof of high product quality.

Nevertheless, the most important confirmation of quality comes from the market.

Granexport places abroad two thirds of the total annual production of the mill, while two thirds of exported maize flour mill products are realized on very choosy EU market.

Granexport AD production programme consists of human consumption and industrial processing products and products used as raw materials for animal feed production.

Products for human consumption are: maize flour, maize grits and polenta.

Products used for processing in confectionary, brewing and food-processing industry are: maize flour, maize grits for confectionary industry and maize grits for brewing industry.

Products used as raw materials in animal feed production are: maize flour for animal feed and maize germ.

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