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Agroservice was founded in late 2008 for the purpose of intensifying relations between farmers and Granexport. The employees in the Agroservice are agronomists that actively visit all farmers’ fields and give advices on crop management, plant protection and fertilizing in agricultural production in order to help the farmers attain better productivity and higher quality of their products according to HACCP standards thus higher profit. This goal is achievable through production contracting.

Production contracting provides bilateral security: the farmer gets financing, intermediates, advices and help on administering production according to HACCP standard as well as guarantied product placement; Granexport gets long term security in purchase of cereals of controlled origin.

Agroservice is contracting primarily production of maize, but also soybean, sunflower, wheat, bakers’ barley, sugar beat and rapeseed.

In order for farmers to attain stabile and high yield and profits on their land and to produce high-quality products, Agroservice distributes high-quality intermediates – seed, mineral and foliar fertilizers and plant protection agents from the very best world producers.

We have provided for you only the best:

As main distributor of Monsanto-Dekalb hybrids for Banat, we set numerous trials with maize hybrids; we are monitoring them and measuring the results during Field Days, whereby we wish to convince our farmers that we provide them with high-quality seeds.

Agroservice streams toward becoming permanent and reliable partner to all of its cooperatives.

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